Welcome to Foody+

Welcome to Foody+

Welcome to Foody+

Foody+ is your best friend in the kitchen. Join cooking communities, plan your week, and start saving time and money in the kitchen.

Communities that inspire

Recipes and weekly updates from incredible leaders like culinary legend Mark Bittman, blogger extraordinaire Gaby Dalkin, and many more.

Tools to make life easy

Tools to make life easy

Tools to make life easy

A weekly planner, savable, sharable weekly plans, and a magic grocery list to save you hours every week.


“Thank you for building such a great app! I love knowing that I have a plan for the whole week and all the recipes on the platform are amazing!



Save Time and Money

Having a plan means no last minute take out dinners. People who plan save hours per week, and up to $100 per trip to the grocery store!

Plan your week

Use the My Week tab to create a customized plan and stay on track for the week.

Introducing Foodyweeks

Your kitchen playlist. Save any week to repeat later, or share Foodyweeks with friends.

Weekly inspiration

Your favorite chefs bring you their ideas for how to get through every week.

Magic Grocery List

Add all your recipes to a single grocery list with the tap of a button to make shopping a breeze.

Amazing Recipes

Foody+ has a wide variety of recipes to meet all kinds of tastes.

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